Welcome to Skies Over Cormyr!

I’ve invited those who had Obsidian Portal accounts, and will be working to invite those that currently don’t. I’d like to use this for organization/planning, and it doesn’t hurt to keep this stuff online, either.

To give you an idea of the campaign world, I’m currently planning on a Faerun/Golarion Steampunk/Magitech mashup. I’m still working out geography, but rest assured that the world is big, the skies are large, and civilization has taken root. This isn’t quite Final Fantasy territory, but it’s not too far off in the marriage of tech and wizardry.

From a Steampunk/Magitech standpoint, I’m looking at Iron Kingdoms/WarMachine for inspiration. Magic is power, to be used in all sorts of things. Capacitors store power to be released at later time, and steam engines can be used as a much slower means of charging these capacitors.

This is a world of gallant soldiers, dastardly dictators, benevolent queens and greedy barons. Civilized elves, half-elves, dwarves, orcs and gnomes live side by side, and every man-jack out there is trying to get his or her piece of the pie.

Magic is on par with Faerun, but not so common place that the world is a utopia. Monsters can still be found in the low and dark places, miscreants still creep around the edges of society, and ever do the unscrupulous find ways to profit off the labor of good hard working men. Airships float through the air, not quite common place but useful as trade vehicles to those consortiums wealthy enough to afford one, and certainly used for military purposes by the various states.

Gunpowder exists, but when military wizards know fireball, carrying around what amounts to explosives can be suicide.

All, however, is not well. Civilization has beaten back the Underdark, or so it believes. Below the oceans aboleths and their slaves stir, in the skies the dragons care little for the imposition upon their territory, and always there are those who would summon Rovagug, The Great Destroyer.

Thematically, I’m looking at a more urban than dungeon diving campaign. That’s not to say there won’t be dungeons, but the focus will be much more on politics, dastardly plots, and cunning shenanigans.

This won’t be Firefly over Faerun…at least not yet. :)

After that, take a look at your wiki. There is some more helpful info there.

Skies Over Cormyr

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