Skies Over Cormyr

A friendly game of cornholing

The half-orc realized that Akull and ZZ had gotten into the ruins rent-free and demanded payment upon our return. Akull paid up, but ZZ convinced him that his mange was a result of sleeping in the barn and got off paying. We decided to go ankheg hunting in order to gain a few more nights in the barn and in the ruins, so bright and early we saddled up and headed out. We saw tracks of gnolls, but no actual creatures, and eventually came across some half-eaten cow carcasses and large mole-like tunnels. We found a spur of rock to leave our gear and horses at, and then started walking around the ankheg nest in a spiral pattern. We attracted one and Kane promptly killed it. Then we saw four more approaching. ZZ’s bomb brought one to the surface for Kane to one-shot, and three more popped up from beneath us, attacking Avaerth, Kane, and Aramil respectively. A sixth came up from behind Avaerth to try an acid spray, but the nimble rogue dodged, leaving Aramil to take the pain alone. While most of us descended on that one, the final Big Motherfucker breached beneath Kane and shot acid at the gunman and the dwarf, grievously insulting the poor Cleric in the face. But Kane cornholed the bitch and ZZ finished it off with a feral bite, continuing the long-standing tradition of eating our enemies. We then went to explore the largest tunnel area near the center and Valen, Akull and Avaerth found 1000gp worth of gems, 25 pieces of gold and 2 pearls of power, as well as saving an egg for Kane before Valen smashed the rest. When we returned to the ranch the half-orc gave us 100gp for the Big Motherfucker and 40gp for each of the smaller heads (340gp total). We also negotiated for as many free nights in the barn as we wanted and continued free run of the ruins. We were also told that the egg we saved could be sold for ~couple hundred gp in town. We spent the rest of the day cleaning the acid off our gear and resting up. The next day (day 5) we headed back to the ruins, into the floating city, and back into door 3, where the fallen rocks were blocking the exit to the rest of the compound. Valen turned most of the rocks to clay, but we couldn’t quite get them all and decided we’d have to come back tomorrow when his spell reset. Next we moved on to the fifth door, and came out upon an area with 10 buildings…and a number of other older, more magnificent buildings which Aramil identified as Netheries design. He recognizes it as a place called ‘the Enclave’ and was able to roughly pinpoint our position according to the map.
We approached the three-story building – the tallest we could see. On the wall was a black mosaic with 5 snaky sinuous arms with identical swords. We found nothing else of interest in the building and moved on to a building to the northeast that was mostly in rubble. Most buildings had nothing and no magic, but we found runes in buildings E, A, B, C and D.



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