Skies Over Cormyr

And we rode through the desert on a horse with no name...

Two days pass in a scene fade and we rode into Orofin, a city of ~5,000 people, at around 4pm. (We re-determined that the party held in common 345gp, 1000gp worth of gems, and 40gp worth of velvet pillows, in addition we have 4 M long swords [915credit] and 4 tower shields [756credit] = 1670 towards equipment, which was then spent on 2 Elven Chain shirts for Akull and Kane, plus an extra 500gp of Kane’s personal money to make up the difference.) The owner of the Silver Dollar, Evan, sent us to the Rusty Scabbard to get equipment, but the boys forgot to drop his name to try for a further discount. Kane also gave his blunderbuss to ZZ for some reason known only to the gods.
That night around 2:30, Aramil resisted a Sleep spell and woke up the rest of the party. Avaerth heard a cricket on her windowsill which Akull identified as a component of spellcraft. Avaerth then saw a shadowy, cloaked figure disappearing in the shadows of the street below. The party decided to get out of Orofin rather than stick around and let someone take potshots at us, so we saddled up and headed out. When we reached the gates, Zent guards stopped us and refused to let us pass. ZZ had chugged a feral mutagen and looked horrific, so he used his animal charisma to bluff the guard into thinking he had some strange disease. One guard went to grab his superior while the other stayed and threatened ZZ with his halberd. After intimidating him into letting us leave failed, Avaerth picked up ZZ and tossed the little bugger at him. He dropped, and we were able to get out the gate and ride for it while the guards failed to chase us. We made it to the meeting zone – a Devil’s Tower-like formation – and set up camp to wait for our airship, which was scheduled to meet us the next day. Aramil went up the formation to scout while the rest of the party stayed at the base. Around 6pm Aramil saw a column of dust from the direction of the city – southeast – while around the same time Avaerth and Kane saw a speck in the sky that appeared to be an airship coming from the south. Aramil dropped a thunderstone to warn the rest of the party at the base about the column of dust, but the party misunderstood and thought Aramil was warning us about the airship, so we decided to head up to meet it. The ship stood off the approaching train of Zent guards with its cannons while we boarded and flew off into victory.



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