Skies Over Cormyr

Fire makes a good servant but a bad master

After rescuing the boy we were invited to the Lord’s manor and got a reward of ~4000gp in uncut gems. We were then hired to go clear out the mine of monsters and tasked with bringing back trophy heads of the monsters we slayed. The Florist, Gorrick, DruidBill, Daen, Melvin, and Sloppy Joe headed down to check on the previous day’s spider friends. One of them had died in the chasm, but the eggs remained…until they were torched. A tunnel in the far wall led to another large chamber with more spiders. SloppyJoe blinded the spider queen with glitter and DruidBill set the web on fire, dropping her 30 feet to the ground. Combat began with two of the male spider minions, and SloppyJoe cackled madly to keep the foes off balance, blind, and misfortunate. Also keeping his allies off balance and a little wigged out. The Florist critted on the spider queen and pirouetted his way to victory, knocking her head off elegantly. After taking trophies, they retreated back into the tunnel to let the fire burn itself out. Afterwards they found the scorched, eaten bodies of half elves, 15gp, and some masterwork daggers. A larger exit was found leading deeper into the mine.

Dancing lights in the vanguard, they headed down the new tunnel. Three gricks were ineffectually hiding in side corridors until we ran into them. After exploding the slugs we stopped in the middle of the hallway until the next session picked up again.



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