Skies Over Cormyr

Motherfucking spiders in a motherfucking cave

We were informed that the 6 year old half-elven godson of the town Lord had wandered into the haunted mine and they came to us to get him out. Avaerth took some of the refugees that had wandered in and head down into the depths. There were signs of claw marks from some 10-12 foot beast on the boarded over entrance where it had broken through, and Daen’s warg found the scent of a half-elf leading in. We reached a V in the path, and the left side was the one taken by the unknown beast while the child’s footsteps went down the right path. There were also signs of giant spiderprints on that path. We found a cavern with a chasm and 3 giant superspiders in webs over the gap. The boy was at the bottom of the chasm, wrapped in spider silk, and after some useless flailing at and getting webbed by the spiders we rescued him and ran, setting the webs on fire as we went.

The end.



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