Skies Over Cormyr

Of Krowbolds and Bear Necessities

Moving forward after a night of rest, we found a new cavern and 20 feet in there is a body. Upon further investigation, the fallen looked to be an elf who had been shot in the back with a crossbow bolt. Upon rolling him over we found that he was a Drow – a race that hadn’t been seen in hundreds of years. He had a magical rapier and a medallion that could be used to let us into the gates of the house of Menzoberranzan. There was also a purse with some gold in it and a few letters written in Drow. Sloppy Joe cast Comprehend Languages to read the letters. The first one was from a woman to a man and seemed to be a love letter. The second was a note to Dolf of Lundgren telling him to meet at the regular place at the regular time and that the shipment would be on time. Lundgren is a Drow town ~5 miles below the surface of Shadowvale. It had four bakeries and 2 blacksmiths, but one was always slow and you don’t want to go to him, you want to go to the other one. And one of the bakeries has a special room in the back. (pers. comm. Brian).

The chamber was rough hewn and there was a small passage in the back corner of the room, but rocks had fallen and blocked it, and magic sealed the path. We decided to go back to the entrance and take the left hand path, where the ninja joined us and the summoner left to take his dog hunting. The ground was more steeply sloped and showed the tracks of bears, kobolds, humanoids, and at least one goblin. There used to be mine cart rails down this path, but the metal has been ripped up forcefully and many of the ties removed. 15 feet down the slope there was a crashed mine cart that had been there for years. About 50 feet down the rails were once more present, and to the left was a small wooden door in the rock that had been mostly splintered. Behind it was a dusty 20×20 room where mining supplies had once been. There were criss-crossing goblin tracks on the floor. We continued down the passage until it split, the rails splitting down both corridors. Goblin tracks go left, kobolds go right with the bear prints. We went right. The corridor opened up into a huge cavern, the sound of water dripping in the distance. The rails were shinier down here, increasing in number and looked as if they’d been recently used. Gorick cast Barkskin on Melvin and the Florist since the area looked more trafficked, and Melvin changed his dancing lights into a humanoid form to use as a decoy. We advanced once more.

The room appeared mostly empty until we reached the back where we found a shaft sloping down deeper in the earth. Along the back wall were tiny kobold-sized huts. We began to fear that perhaps the Krowbold would come to take revenge on us. (pers. comm. Brian and Peter) The kobolds had already been slaughtered some time in the last week by something with claws and teeth. We collected 20 left ears and 20 right ears. The druids also found some pouches containing Drow silver coins. Bloody bear tracks left the village and headed towards the descending shaft, turning into humanoid tracks along the way and disappearing at the minetrack – we thought Dell had been down here and hopped into a minecart to go down. We decided to go back to the surface to report the presence of Drow, turn in our trophies, and let people know what was happening to us in case we disappeared forever below the earth.

The ninja reported to Gerant, and we established that 18 refugees including ourselves were in Shadowvale. He requested that we not go further into the cave and instead hole up at the farm, since all the refugees had arrived and he’d be retrieving us in 3 days. The next day we saw the Steward and were told 100gp for Gricks, 200gp for each male spider, 500gp for the female spider, and 20 for each Kobold head. The total was 1800gp, which broke down to 300gp apiece. We then went to speak to the Lord and told him of the Drow. He thanked us for the warning and sent us back to the farmhouse, cautioning us to be safe.



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