Skies Over Cormyr

What Lurks Beneath

After ZZ came down with a nasty cough, we realized we didn’t have the numbers to take the ankheg problem, and were forced to pay up the 50 gold/person price, leaving ZZ in the barn with Akull to take care of him. But at least we then got access to the timeworn ruins. Valin, our engineering dwarf, decided that the largest building sounded interesting. We entered a large room with some discarded odds and ends, old shields, dust and old footprints. While searching the room Avaerth found a sigil about head-height on the wall, opposite the door; it looked like it might have been in a separate room once, before ruination happened here. No footprints on the floor. The sigil looked like a diamond inside a square. Valin poked at it and the square outside the diamond lit up. He poked it again, and the inner diamond lit up orange while the outside turned red. A third time the dwarf touched the sigil, and the whole thing went dark. We checked a second wall but found nothing. Sigils were found in the other buildings and activated, causing downward stairs to appear in the first building. We descended and ran into 10 skeletons which Valin, mostly by himself, quickly slays. But almost immediately two large ogre skeletons appeared from the darkness! They were slain with some small difficulties, and were immediately followed by two humanoid skeletons in masterwork armor. The fighter was looking a little rough and the dwarf went down like a sack of rocks and the rogue failed to hit anything, but nothing succeeded in hitting the rogue either, and Kane pretty much shot the bastards to death (again) while the rest of us played distractions. Feeling a bit winded, we headed back up the stairs, closed the Hellmouth and spent the day recovering. The next morning the Gnome and Tiefling were still sick, so the Fab Four went back downstairs and explored the large room to its full extent. A sixth sigil was found on the back wall and Valin poked it until it opened. Inside a small room was found 8 Handy Haversacks and 40 Potions of Cure Light Wounds and nothing else. We decided to spend the day playing with permutations on the sigils and finally ran across having the basement sigil on and the 5 building sigils off, which caused the main building stairs to close…and another set of stairs to open in Building 5 – the Barracks. It was time to check on our wayward casters to see if they were feeling up to snuff before we headed below again.



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