Skies Over Cormyr

Zazoo Dooby Doo, where are you?

The barn had 10 large horse stalls.

We contacted Gerant and brought him into the loop.

Avaerth and Kane pulled out 10,000gp from the bank and went to buy a Gnomish Hook Hammer. We went to the blacksmith shop owned by the half-orc Orrstug. He gave the password and we worked out the hammer, as well as a masterwork rapier, scimitar, and spiked shield. Kane ordered 100 caltrops while we were at it. He also agreed to spy in the tavern for us and keep an eye on Zent activity. He informed us about the most likely places to get magic in town: Lahr the wizard and Elminster. He warned us about Thomas Durav – the sundry shop owner.

Meanwhile, back at the farm, Dell stopped by but didn’t know the password and Akull and Zazoo refused to open the door.

Walking back from the blacksmith, Kane and Avaerth noted that the Zent caravan was still in town, unloading goods into the Inn, general store, and sundry shop. The pair decide to go get lunch at the Yellow Bearded Giant while waiting for the Zents to leave. We talked to some local laborers and found out there is a giant 20 foot tall bear named Old Grim that’s been around for 60 years and occasionally murders people – like old Farmer Wilson. The mine to the north of town was closed on account of being haunted; some miners who died there came back as undead and Lord Wesley had the mine closed. Otherwise there are productive mines 2 days to the east. Next we went back to the general store and bought 4 shovels, 2 picks and a wheelbarrow for 20gp.

Aaramil and Valen wandered around prospecting, and found some familiar rocks and a closed mine that Aramil didn’t recognize.

Akull and Zazoo heard an odd whistling noise from the root cellar and went to investigate. The noise stops as soon as they opened the door, and when the went down they didn’t see anything out of the ordinary – except Akull noticed a wraithlike being disappearing into the wall out of the corner of his eye. When everyone returned and the boys told everyone about it, there was a moment of deathly chill and silence. We headed down into the root cellar to investigate!

Upon exploring the large root cellar, Avaerth discovers a secret door and the group (minus Valen and Kane) follow the corridor that was revealed until it turns into a large chamber under the barn. The chamber is filled with elven skeletons and dust – although the bones are remarkably well perceived. They seemed to be in a posture of repose, and there were no items that would indicate their provenance, though the layer of untouched dust looked to be that of centuries. We backed up and found a pressure plate which opened a door that led into another hidden corridor. Meanwhile, Dell had come back and importuned Kane. Kane made a dinner date with him. Meanwhile, Aramil, Avaerth, Zazoo and Akull proceeded down the new corridor. Off of the tunnel we found another 20×20 chamber with four skeletons with an elvish motif on the walls. Again they were well preserved. We continued back down the tunnel (which seemed to lead around the house itself), with an additional two side rooms, until it stopped just before the first room we found. A hidden release opened another secret door which led back into that first room. Aramil informed us that the ‘ghost’ Akull saw may be a chaotic good elven banshee guardian spirit that could be used to help us protect the house because the banshee would attack anyone who disturbed the remains.

We headed back up to trade information with Kane and get ready for dinner. Dell shows up and Zazoo is out in the yard wearing nothing but an apron and a smile… (

The game broke for a while.

Dell came to deliver a warning about letting the dead lie. We thanked him for the warning and then Kane went to dinner with him in the tavern. He was warned not to dig too deep. It was otherwise a very awkward evening. The next morning we decided to go find Lahr. Zazoo went with Aramil into town. They went to the wizard’s tower and ordered the ’Duke’s Package’ (5,000gp) for the farmhouse. Then they stopped at the blacksmith’s shop and picked up the caltrops before heading home. The Zent caravan also looked like it was leaving. Day 4 passed otherwise uneventfully.

The next morning Lahr arrives and casts Bulwark, divination dead zone, magical threshold, and locking the doors and windows makes them impenetrable and negates portals from entering the building. They were set to last 20 years, and did not protect the barn, only the house.



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