Skies Over Cormyr

Zazoo's Sweet Virgin Ass

Activating the usual runes of the Enclave we found the secret basement, but the basement was empty, including the secret room – no skeletons, but also no loot. We headed back up and went to the building that looked like the library. Valen and Akull detected magic on the building while ZZ looked for anything interesting and Avaerth looked for a vault or safebox. ZZ grabbed three random books. The magic detectors found Scrolls of Unshakeable Chill, Barkskin and Hold Person on the first floor. On the second floor we found Scrolls of Knock, Break, and Invisibility, and an atlas that showed the old geography and spots of old outpost locations. There was an orrery floating via magic from the ceiling on the third floor, but no sign of how to make it move and no other magical objects up there. We headed back to the farm and set up for the night. We left quietly around 4am and traveled for a few hours by moonlight while the air was cool. We made camp during the heat of the day without a problem and then headed out again around 5pm. Around 10pm we heard hyenas in the distance but they didn’t sound close enough to bother about. Around 2am a shadow passed between us and the moon but we didn’t see what caused it – Aramil suspected a roc. But nothing else untoward occurred and we reached Rasilith by 7am – a 2 street town with 2 stables and 1 inn. ZZ paid 10 silver to stable our horses with an inbred yokel. Then we hit the inn and ZZ paid 7 gold to get each of us a room. The rooms were questionable and most of us slept on the floors with our own blankets. After 6 hours of rest we packed up and got the hell out of Gnawbone and headed towards the ruins that resembled the ones we’ve been exploring up until now. We hit the runes and Valen hid us from the undead, bringing Avaerth and Akull down with him to help loot the hidden room. As usual we found the 10 skeletons, 2 champions, and 2 armored ogres but we snuck past and opened the ‘secret’ room where we found 8 magic rings on dusty pillows (they had “a faint abjuration aura about them”). Valen took 3 rings, Akull took 3 rings, and Avaerth took 2 – and we also included the pillows (which were worth 5 gold a piece). ZZ talked us into defeating the skeletons and threw a bomb at them, killing 7 of the 10 normals. The rest of us formed a kill pocket at the top of the stairs so the skeletons could only attack us one at a time. We destroyed them.

Party 7, GM 0



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