Captain James Gloval

Captain of the HMS Tilverton


Captain Gloval is THE senior instructor at the Academy. A retired Admiral, Captain is an affectation. Of average height, older, mustached, Gloval smokes a pipe. He is gruff, and officially “too old for this shit.” He loves flying, however, and one of his few joys in life is setting the bar for pass/fail in the Airship Corps.

He poses a keen eye brought about by years of experience, and is able to quickly determine what issues need to be dealt with based on a quick assessment of the situation. While he genuinely wants his charges to succeed, and desires to see them graduate, he will not tolerate those who demonstrate conduct unbecoming an officer of the Queen’s Royal Airship Corps, or those willing to place others in danger while unwilling to be in danger themselves.

He’s looking for intelligence, a willingness to do work instead of handing it off to others, and competency. Panache will impress him, but not at the cost of efficiency.

Captain James Gloval

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