Gerant Olanth

Trade Representative for Olanth and Co., son of Edward Olanth.


Gerant is the eldest son of Edward Olanth, founding partner of the Arabellan import business Olanth and Co. In his early 30s, Gerant is a thin man with a slightly receeding hairline and a dominant nose. He is quick with his wit, and careful with his security. He says little, but has a reputation as a shrewd businessman.

He was accompanied everywhere by his bodyguard, Arnath Childers, but recently Arnath has been occupied with ensuring the safety of Benjamin Olanth, Gerant’s nephew.

Events have shown Gerant to be distantly related to the queen, and most recently the man in charge of investigating and then recovering Netherese artifacts from supply and weapons caches throughout the Anauroch.

Gerant Olanth

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