Lieutenant Aeric Spalding

Ranking Lt. on the Tilverton, Gloval's right hand man.


Lieutenant Eric Spalding is a career Airship Corps officer. He worked his way up through the ranks of enlisted and was sent to OCS over his objections. He’s been with the Captain since Gloval transferred to the Tilverton 10 years ago, and each man is well respected by the other. While not mean, he has earned the reputation as the firm fist behind the Captain’s soft glove, and tolerates neither disrespect nor incompetence among the crew.

The crew of the Tilverton nominally ultimately answer to him, but his discipline is not needed. The Tilverton is a prestige assignment, given to those near retirement that have earned some time shaking down newbies.

Lt. Spalding is looking for a good work ethic, willingness to learn on the job, and competency.

Lieutenant Aeric Spalding

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