Skies Over Cormyr

The Grassy Gnolls

Avaerth’s Log:
We arrived in New Lundeth, a town of ~2000 people. First stop, the General Store: we went shopping and found out we don’t know where we’re going and the locals don’t have better maps. Next stop, the always-popular local inn (this one named “the Angry Ankheg”) and ZZ got his own room. For science. We waited until morning and then headed out. A drunk told Kane that there were some creepy Zhent ruins on the outskirts and where to find them. We decided it was worth a shot. The barkeep warned us about gnolls before we left. Awfully nice of him, but any flea-bitten hyenas would be fools to attack us. We headed south and then circled around to throw the townspeople off our track. While we were heading towards the ruins we were attacked by 5 gnolls and 2 hyenas. Kane dropped two enemies with flaming death thanks to a Dragons Breath bullet. The rest were killed, except badly wounded 2 gnolls who escaped…only to bleed out as they ran, if the vultures circling a short while later were any true sign. We got back on the horses and continued on, battered but triumphant. As the ruins came in view, we saw two Dire Hyenas, who began charging us. We murdered them fairly efficiently thanks to Akull’s spell of Darkness and ZZ’s…enthusiasm. On the downside, they almost murdered Kane. Valin healed him and we continued on. We found the ruins on a hill and beyond them a farm with a crotchety, greedy half-orc. He tried to charge us a 50GP-a-head fee to explore the ruins. We reject the offer. He counter-offers that if we clear an Ankheg infestation (including “one big motherfucker”) from his northwest pasture, he’ll let us explore the ruins for a week (but only stay in his barn one night). We decided to check it out and make a decision after we’d scoped the Ankhegs. He wouldn’t let us sleep on his land that night, so we headed off a distance and set up our own cold camp, leaving the elf up to keep watch.

He...didn't really need that lung anyway.

Last week saw our party deep inside a hostile city, having just slaughtered 5 thugs that had been brutalizing and looting the Cormyrian Embassy and nearby business office of Olanth and Co.

Rounding the corner, Gerant made his way inside the embassy office, unlocking the safe that had recently suffered so much abuse. He pulled a folder from the safe, and quite deliberately pushed a copper encircled button on the desk. Warning the party that they had 10 minutes before the building went up in smoke, he urged haste but to “act normal.”

During the melee earlier within the embassy, Kane had been making his way through the business building, slowly heading towards the office. At the smell of smoke from the building he was in he turned and ran to the embassy, arriving just in time to see the last thug un-manacled thug fall lifeless.

Together, the group made their way out of the building, Akull cutting the throat of the last thug as he lay stunned on the floor. With the feeling of getting watched still present, they quickly made their way back to the Airship Docks.

17 minutes into the walk, the cry goes up about a fire behind them, and they barely pause. Pausing briefly at customs to wait for the lift they see behind them a squad of troops moving up the road at a trot, intent on making sure our heroes don’t leave the city.

With seconds to spare the lift arrives and the party boards, the lift rising into the sky to rendezvous with the airship above. Zazoo moons the soldiers below as they take potshots at the rising lift, and is almost hit for his trouble.

Captain Gloval casts off lines the second all are aboard, and the Tilverton makes its way to the east. No sign of pursuit, but the large Zhent cruiser seen at Hillsfar isn’t far from their minds.

Two days later the Tilverton arrives in Suzail, with Gerant and his retinue getting off. They order the PCs not to leave the ship, and to keep their mouths shut as to what happened in Hillsfar. 2 hours later Gerant returns alone, and its revealed he is the fourth cousin to the Queen, and their new CO to boot.

The document in the safe in Hillsfar was a map of old Netherese supply caches in the Anauroch desert, and the PCs are going to be working with Gerant to try to recover those caches before the Zhentarim can get to them. After departing Suzail and landing in Arabel they’re given a week leave on the condition that they keep their mouths shut.

The Thursday night before they leave some few of them, Avaerth, Kane, Zazoo, and Akull, make their way back from a bar just over a mile from their barracks, having spent the evening in drink as they watched Kane lose money. Sober by the time they left the bar, the foursome is set upon by wererats in the very streets of Arabel themselves.

Fighting fearsomely, the highlights of this struggle include Akull once more using color spray to great effect, Kane drop kicking a rat and almost hitting Akull in the back of the head, and Zazoo diving into a wererat to chew viciously upon its chest, playing in its entrails.

Of particular note was a bag of gold coins upon one of the wererats, along with a written description of our 6 troubleshooters and Gerant, promising a great deal more money should they wind up dead. Returning to their barracks they presented this to Lt. Rendath, only to see her shrug it off and tell them to get some sleep.

Meeting Gerant at the airship docks outside Arabel the next morning, he explained that there’d been a mixup, and that they’d need to go to Suzail to board the airship they’d been assigned to in the short term. Thus, the six of them set off to the South for a day and a half ride, stopping for the night at a glorified inn and avoiding trouble with Zhent caravaners.

Upon arrival in Suzail they went to the airship docks, find there the HMS Wyvern, a recently built cruiser of 24 guns, captained by Gloval and crewed by most of the same crew from the Tilverton.

Once airborne, Gerant explained the details of their assignment for the next 6 weeks, and the next day the 6 of them were dropped just outside of Lundeth, in the Southern Anauroch desert, with the money to buy horses and instructions on where to meet in two weeks for resupply.


Following the melee test, all involved were requested to test their ranged combat skills.

The night ended with dinner in the Captain’s cabin, after an afternoon of exploring the airship and working with the crew. The high point of this was Zazoo declaring that his corn was waging war on his mashed potatoes, and meeting Gerant Olanth, trade representative for Olanth and Co. Olanth was accompanied by his half-orc bodyguard Arnath, and he attempted to evade all of Avaerth’s polite dinner questions.

Day 2 began with a skills and teamwork test. Having failed the rigging test, Zazoo and Kane were sentenced to scrubbing the deck for the rest of the morning. The team passed the teamwork test, however, and noon saw all 6 troubleshooters scrubbing the decks in a show of solidarity.

Day 3 dawned wih the ship approaching Hillsfar, and the team was given the mission to escort Gerant to his office and come back without causing any trouble. Accompanied by Arnath, they descended the lift on the airship tower and made their way to the business district, unable to get over the feeling of being watched the whole way.

Arriving at the office, they found the gate ajar and no guards at the fence, a situation abnormal in a Zhent controlled city. Slowly they approached the building, finding the front door bolted shut and the side door forced. Inside, slaughtered, they found multiple human corpses brutalized and a couple of thugs missing large portions of head, victims of a blunderbuss.

Inside the office Gerant found his nephew, and shared that one of the brutalized corpses outside was his brother. Handing his nephew to Arnath, Gerant pulled documents from the desk and the group headed out to check the building next door, which just so happened to be the Cormyrian embassy.

Sneaking inside, they heard the thumping of sledges and harsh laughter, leading Avaerth to sneak around outside the building and peer inside the window. Just as the group came around the corner into the center room of the building Avaerth broke the window and jumped into the building, leading the 6 Zhent thugs inside the office area to come out swinging.

This placed Avaerth in an unfortunate position, and they showed little mercy as they brutally beat her down. Charging into combat, however, the rest of the party showed up and swung the tide of battle. In under a minute 5 of the thugs were down for the count, the last captured and manacled.

Lift Off
You've got to start somewhere...

Party reports at 6 am Monday morning, per orders, to the docks of Arabel. The HMS Tilverton is currently in port, and the 6 will spend the next week upon her for their graduation cruise.

After introductions, and learning what was expected of them over the next week, the ship undocks, lifts into the air, and is shortly headed north at a cruising altitude of 750 feet.

The next morning they’re awoken and told to be on deck for hand to hand combat exams. The characters pair off, dwarven cleric and gnomish alchemist, sharpshooter and thief, magus and warrior, and begin non-lethal duels.

The cleric magically ties up the alchemist and coup de grace’s him quickly, but the duel between the sharpshooter and thief is much more exciting. With the gunslingers bayonet, and the thief’s attempted bullrushes, the fight ends with a trip attempt by the thief resulting with the thief falling onto her face and knocking herself out.

The magus and warrior began with an exchange of blades, and was quickly ended by a color spray to the face.

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