Halruaa is the center of magical technology in Faerun.

When Netheril collapsed millenia ago, survivors fled to Halruaa and created a peaceful society in a remote corner of the world, attempting to hide from the phaerim that had not been destroyed during the war.

Their technology did not atrophy as their society did not collapse, and having the gnomish homeland of Lantan nearby ensured a healthy injection of new ideas and technological wonders. The appearance of the Shadovar forced the Halruaans into isolation, however, and their disappearance sparked the Halruaans back into active involvement in the world. Engineers, working with the finest magical minds, had discovered the methods for arcane capacitors. Coupled with Halruaan airships, a technology far advanced of the rest of Faerun, and gnomish ingenuity, the Halruaans now sat upon a discovery that would revolutionize Faerun.

Knowing that should the Shadovar ever reappear, that Halruaa would be first on their hitlist, the Halruaans traded these technologies far and wide. They asked for nothing more than contracts and treaties stating that should Netheril ever appear again, the world would stand together and drive them back.


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